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$Tortol -Tokenomics

Supply : 356,000,000,000 on Cardano

$Tortol -Tokenomics

Presale- 50% - The presale phase of The Turtle Syndicate is a critical component of the project's token distribution strategy, wherein 50% of the $Tortol token supply is allocated to the community members who participated in the presale. Liquidity - 40%- DEX Token Supply. The allocation of 40% of the $Tortol token supply towards the liquidity pool is a crucial component of The Turtle Syndicate's token distribution strategy. This allocation provides stability, promotes token adoption, enhances decentralization, and supports future development. Together with the presale proceeds, this allocation ensures that The Turtle Syndicate has a robust foundation for long-term success and growth. Utility - 4% - The allocation of 4% of the $Tortol token supply towards utility purposes is a key element in The Turtle Syndicate's strategy to enhance partnerships, introduce staking/farming opportunities, and provide community rewards. These initiatives contribute to the overall growth, adoption, and value proposition of the project, fostering collaboration, incentivizing token holding, and driving engagement within the community. By allocating tokens towards these utility purposes, The Turtle Syndicate demonstrates its commitment to creating a vibrant and rewarding ecosystem for its users. CEX's - 3% - The allocation of 3% of the $Tortol token supply towards CEX listings is a strategic move by The Turtle Syndicate to enhance market accessibility, expand the user base, build trust, and facilitate token liquidity. By listing the $Tortol token on reputable CEXs, the project aims to go global and attract a wider audience of users, investors, and partners. Airdrops/Community - 2%- the allocation of 2% of the $Tortol token supply towards airdrops and the community underscores The Turtle Syndicate's commitment to its early supporters and community members. This allocation recognizes their loyalty, fosters engagement, promotes wider token distribution, and cultivates advocacy for the project. Marketing/ Future Development - 1% - allocating 1% of resources for Marketing/Future Development within The Turtle Syndicate project not only benefits the platform's overall growth and success but also directly supports team members. By investing in their professional development, market awareness, and fostering collaboration, the project can leverage the expertise and enthusiasm of the team to achieve long-term sustainability and drive the platform's adoption in the competitive NFT ecosystem.